our strength

Largest-scale Advantage

SunVic Chemical is one of the first PRC-based companies to undertake large-scale production of AA, AE and PMIDA and glyphosate which established strong relationships with customers and suppliers. We are currently the largest producer of AA and AE in the PRC with full range of AA and AE products. We are also one of the largest PMIDA and glyphosate producers and exporters in the PRC. As such, we are able to benefit from economies of scale in production and keep our per unit costs low. Efforts are continuously being made by Management to improve operating efficiencies to reduce the cost of production.

Strategic Location and Competitive Operating Cost Structure

Our production plants are strategically located in Chenjiagang Chemical Zone of Yancheng City and Taixing City in Jiangsu Province with good infrastructure and transportation links. We are also located in close proximity to our major raw material suppliers and customers in the Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Beijing regions. In our Yancheng plant, we own a 3,000-tonne liquid-cargo jetty for transporting our products to Southern China as well as a chemical storage facility to lower the transportation and operating costs, and to further facilitate our business expansion.

Experienced and Capable Management Team

We are led by an experienced and dedicated management team with over 70 years of combined experience in the chemical industry.

Production Facilities

Yancheng - Our flagship chemical production plant is strategically located in Chenjiagang Chemical Zone in Xiangshui county, Yancheng city, Jiangsu province in the PRC. We occupy a land area of approximately 351,800 sq m and enjoy close proximity to good infrastructure and transportation links which enables us to serve our customers efficiently.

Taixing – Our new Taixing plant is located at Taixing Chemical Zone, Jiangsu province in the PRC. We occupy a land area of about 645,980 sq m. In this Taixing facility, we can build a total of 480,000-tonne annual capacity of AA in three phases and a 100,000-tonne annual capacity of AE.

Currently our total production capacities as below:

AA: 525,000 tonnes

AE: 350,000 tonnes

PMIDA: 40,000 tonnes

Glyphosate: 20,000 tonnes